Monday, August 10, 2009

Safeco Insurance Company Has Failed Another Customer

I am pissed off. See how long it has been since I have written on here? Well, it took my insurance company being complete crooks to get me fired up enough to use my personal platform to spout off. I have always hated insurance companies, the scumbags who run them, the snakes who are in bed with our politicians re-writing policy and legislation constantly to suck the citizens, businesses and the consumers in this country, dry.

The short of it is that I asked them to come look at an issue I was having at my house a few months back. A leak had reared its ugly head in a storage room in my garage. There is substantial damage to the sheathing from a defective flashing up on my roof. Apparently, the flashing isn't even REAL. Sucky builders. They tell me months ago they will not cover me since it is defective workmanship. The builder of course is long gone and out of business. They will not cover it as my insurance company of 10 years, and now I get a letter from them stating they are going to drop me as a policyholder all together! WTF? These guys are crooks and I don't care what anyone has to say about the b.s details about it being a workmanship issue. If this was within a workable time frame, I could have gone after the builder. It isn't. the house is 12 years old now and the leak has finally appeared. My insurance is to protect me. End of sentence. I say to all you evil insurance companies out there. Drop dead you scum sucking bottom dwellers. You have shitted up this country for too long with your crap. You suck the money from small businesses and homeowners and when they need you, you not only deny the help, you then dump them and leave them for dead. I hope that all your members of your families develop non-curable diseases and that you are unable to be covered by your own companies. Eat shit and die.